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Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins

Fill Your World with Stories

Politicians struggle to control the nation’s narrative, and you want people to believe your line of business. How is it done? With stories.

Annette Simmons in “Whoever Tells The Best Story Wins” writes that stories validate you and the people around you, so collect and deliver stories that define what is winning and what is good, because subjective is your way to deliver the objective – a paradox.

The six types of story:

  • Who I am – why do I have the right to influence you.
  • Why I am here – beyond costing money, time, or resources, why are you there, and if for money own up to it.
  • Teaching – tell a story that creates a shared experience.
  • Vision – shrink obstacles with vision, however don’t promise more than can be delivered.
  • Value in action – a demonstration of values without preaching.
  • I know what you are thinking – first validate then dispel objections without sounding defensive.

Four Themes for Stories:

A time you shined

Theme: Communicate a value about doing the right thing, you were tested and came through.

A time you blew it

Theme: Something bad happened and it was your fault; you go first in the trust exchange with your audience

A mentor

Theme: Sharing a valuable lesson while showing gratitude and humility keys to leadership and association with your mentor

A book, movie, or current event

Theme: Creating a story from another’s experience.

Keep a journal, storybook, or notebook and fill it with your stories.

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