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It’s a Jungle in There (for the Entrepreneur) by Steven Schussler

Its A Jungle In There

Do you have the right stuff to bring your idea to market and make a profit? Steven Schussler, creator of the Rainforest Café, profiles a successful entrepreneur in his book It’s a Jungle in There. A wining and successful entrepreneur has:

  • Personality
  • Product
  • Persistence
  • People
  • Philanthropy


The successful entrepreneur understands that managed risk leads to success and is motivated by the passion to overcome problems and the ambition to accomplish goals. Dreams create the entrepreneur’s ideas for new products and services, while keeping ahead of the competition and creditors requires an ability to juggle multiple tasks.


The successful entrepreneur is determined to invest the time necessary to make a product or service that is the best, not just acceptable. The entrepreneur understands the details determine the outcome, while having a big picture perspective to be present and to ask what change will people pay me for? The entrepreneur knows research and development drives success and is completed only when the product or service is retired from the marketplace because improvements are no longer possible. This requires a budget and a marketing plan that includes strategic alliances and sales promotions. Schussler suggests the entrepreneur ask what impact his image and personality have on the product. Do you shine your shoes?


Talent is 90% perspiration, and a winning business is run by an extremely talented entrepreneur. Your perspiration is the result of tenacity and determination to achieve your intentions, not your expectations about what others can do for you. When you get a “no” for an answer, you understand that means “no” for now until you learn what they want to say “yes.” Your self-confidence is outwardly displayed by eternal optimism and is not tied to the vagaries of success and failure. You are human, so failures will happen, along with what you will learn and the new opportunities that will arise.


Entrepreneurs have compassion and empathy for people. They enjoy making a person feel special and become a focus of attention because people want to do business with them. Michael LeBoeuf wrote that the people want recognition and praise more than sex and money, and entrepreneurs understand that. Entrepreneurs keep good media relations and work for their positive publicity. Clients are appreciated and trusted so they in turn trust you. If people like you, they’ll listen, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you. Bridges are for connecting, not burning, and if you believe that, you will give a person a second chance.


Philanthropy begins at home with your gratitude list for those responsible for your success. The successful entrepreneur gives back to the community that sustains all of us – it’s only good business.

This is a quick summary of the book. Get it and read it to understand the details.

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