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John Wooden’s Leadership Lessons and Success Pyramid

Coach John Wooden

John Wooden’s leadership lessons lessons so impressed me that I shared them with a fellow Toastmaster. He told me that he noticed that fellow workers were looking over his shoulder to the list of lessons that he’d posted up to the wall in his office. Eventually, one coworker asked him for a copy of the list for her office. Here is the list I adapted from John Wooden that they posted in their offices:

Wooden’s Leadership Lessons

Attract good people with good values.

Practice love by having their back.

Teach by learning.

Practice emotional intelligence.

Make the team come first and the product will be great.

Drive large events by paying attention to the details.

Be present each day.

Lead with rewards not punishment.

Give everyone a role in greatness.

Seek significant change.

Aim to improve regardless of the score.

Realize adversity is your asset

If you’re searching for a model for personal success, please think about John Wooden’s proposed pyramid to success:

I recommend reading Wooden’s books, visiting his website at, and thinking about Coach Wooden’s wisdom.

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  1. george,

    John Wooden is one of my heroes as I used to watch his great basketball teams in the 60’s and 70’s. He was a giant among coaches and coached some of the best and most controversial players but never had a bad word said about him or his teams. Thanks for this.

  2. George,

    I love the list and the pyramid. Thanks for sharing them and John Wooden’s work.


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