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The Mental Game of Baseball by Dorfman and Kuehl

A good life like a winning baseball game is the result of being alert, planning, and great execution.

Dorfman and Kuehl write about how to be a better baseball player. What they teach the reader can apply to being a better person in the game of life.

Your Building Blocks to Confidence

  • Self-evaluation: What do I have to learn and improve?
  • Goals: Fundamentals converted to functional goals.
  • Preparation: Conscientious, positive, effective work at the task or activity.
  • Persistence: Continued commitment to achievement that builds confidence.

Establishing goals

What a proper goal does:

  • Encourages performance
  • Is measurable and adjustable
  • Can be a daily and long range goal.
  • Encourages hard work and rewards efforts.
  • Converts easily to a mental picture of how to win the goal.

Types of goals

  • Process goal – step necessary to win: directly focus on that goal and control that micro-situation
  • Focus and control – focus on specific performance and behavior, including body actions – hit the breaking pitch better.
  • Self improvement – focus on fundamentals and judge success by own specific goals and actions.

Positive Practices in Your Life

  1. Think about what you are thinking and imagining , and consider what you say and visualize about yourself will determine your behavior and performance.
  2. Speak to yourself as “I have decided” “I chose to” in place of “I have to”, “I must”
  3. When something is not working, ask “What can I learn from this?”
  4. Be aware of your excuses and ask why you need them; practice catching justifications, explanations, blame and work on eliminating them.
  5. Practice taking risks and accepting consequences; watch how good and bad models deal with personal responsibility.
  6. Define what you can and cannot control, and act accordingly.
  7. Examine and judge yourself honestly: Tom Seaver: “I am my own kangaroo court, I am my own judge and jury.”
  8. Accept that the root of your behavior lies in your choices, and claiming to make no choice (not taking responsibility) is a choice, the wrong one.

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